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Mountain Saddles

Lightweight Trail Saddle

Saddle for Shawn Barrong, from Spokane, WA custom made for his mule. 58 Wade beaver tail buckroll, mule hide horn wrap, fish scale stamping, 1/2 breed, inlaid seat, full cantle back, 5’ over size rawhide cover stirrups.

The Bitterroot Mountain saddle design comes primarily from my experience as an outfitter and packer in the rugged northeastern corner of Oregon and the Bob Marshall Wilderness of Montana. A horseman in those environments doesn't require the weight and bulk of a roping saddle. Convenience and agility are more in order.

Essential. of course, is the best rawhide covered wood tree with the most up-to-date bar design choices. Others may disagree, but I've never seen this construction seriously challenged. Natural materials; wood, rawhide, leather and wool, work best with living, feeling bodies, both horse and human. Parts of the tree are left partially exposed; the cantle back, slick fork and horn, to reduce weight. These areas are protected with 2 coats of marine spar varnish which also enhances the natural color.

The ground seat is the same customer pleasing shape that we handbuild into our traditional full covered saddles. The skirts, with their strong, bulk free rigging are of particular interest; each bar is individually covered like a foot in a shoe. The result is a skirt of pleasing but minimalist design with a clear air channel from front to back.

With the Bitterroot Mountain Saddle we applied the best of our experience and ability to exemplify the principle of form follows function. This saddle is light (under 30 pounds depending upon seat size), comfortable for both horse and rider and created specifically for the demands of horsemen and women who want a saddle that is both practical and beautiful.

Call Bob to purchase your own handmade saddle: 406-961-3978
However, We currently have a 2-year waiting list.

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p4240011-main.jpg bobsmtnsaddle.jpg
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Close Up Shots

p4110010-web.jpg p4110005-web.jpg


'We have ridden Bitterroot Mountain Saddles on both our horses and our mules for the past fourteen years. Our riding has included lots of day rides, several clinics and many weeks of pack trips in the Bitterroot-Selway and Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness. The saddles have been a constant source of pleasure. They are durable, comfortable for both us and our animals, lightweight and totally functional. It is also like riding a work of art, which is kind of nice.

Thanks again for the great work, '

Jim and Carol Hansen - Hamilton, MT'

'The saddle is truly beautiful and my horses really like it. The horse that I ride the most has noticeably lengthened his stride since the Orthoflex came off and your saddle went on. Our winter has been very mild so I have had more opportunity to ride then usual. My thanks for working with me to make the right choices. If you are ever asked for a reference feel free to use my name'


Howard Parker - Moscow, ID'


Something You, As The Customer, Need To Know:

We at Bitterroot Saddle Co. are known for our quality horse equipment and customer service. We will go to any reasonable length to please you. You must understand that all of our work is custom-made just for you and it must be paid for upon completion, items cannot be returned.

We will stand behind our workmanship; we will endeavor to use the best materials that we can find. We will not agree to be held responsible for material flaws beyond our control, fitting issues, or improper use of the equipment or accidents. This means that you need to be sure that you are very clear as to what you want, ask every question, understand how the equipment is intended to be used and use it responsibly.

~ Base Price Includes ~

•Custom made rawhide covered wood tree • High quality stainless steel hardware • #1 Hermann Oak skirting leather • Genuine woolskin lining • Small fitted skirts with in-skirt rigging • Full fork cover 1 3/4" tugs and 3 1/2" rear cinch • Top grain leather, rough out or halfbreed • Mulehide horn wrap • Latigos • Rawhide stirrups with leather treads or leather lined monel stirrups • All saddles and accessories sewn with brown thread . . . . . . $4,000

~ Options At Additional Cost ~

Monel Stirrups - Wedged
Monel Stirrups - Blocked
Full Covered Horn
No Hand Slots
No Charge
Partial Cantle Back
Inlaid Padded Seat


JWP Stainless Steel Conchos (6)
Silver Overlay Conchos (6)


Plain Cowhide
Decorative Stitch Cowhide

~ Stamping ~

Border stamp:  
Narrow Border
Wide Border
Border stamp with stamped panels:
Narrow Border
Wide Border

~ Accessories ~

Martingale style breast collar - (plain or roughout)
Martingale style breast collar - (border stamped)
Martingale style breast collar - (fully stamped)
Choker style breast collar - (plain or roughout)
Choker style breast collar - (border stamped)
Choker style breast collar - (fully stamped)
Saddle bags (S,M,L) - (plain or roughout)
Saddle bags (S,M,L) - (stamped)
Saddle Hobbles
$ 70
Slobber Straps ($20 to $70 depending upon stamping and silver)  

We occasionally offer pre-owned mountain saddles for sale.

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